Tool for Managing, Scaling, and Automating the Deployment
of Containerized Applications

Kubernetes stands as a versatile, extensible, and open-source platform tailored for the management of containerized tasks and services. It streamlines both declarative configuration and automation processes, boasting a substantial and swiftly expanding ecosystem. Additionally, there is widespread accessibility to Kubernetes services, support, and associated tools.

Why Kubernetes?

Containers offer an efficient way to package and operate your applications. In a production setting, it becomes crucial to oversee the containers running these applications and ensure uninterrupted functionality. For instance, when a container experiences an issue, it should be automatically replaced by another container. Wouldn't it be more convenient if this process were managed by a dedicated system?

Enter Kubernetes! Kubernetes offers a solution by furnishing a framework for robustly operating distributed systems. It handles tasks such as scaling and recovering your application, provides deployment strategies, and much more. For instance, Kubernetes can seamlessly orchestrate a canary deployment for your system. 

  • Service Discovery and Load Balancing
    In the realm of service management, Kubernetes offers robust features. It facilitates automatic failover for your applications, offers various deployment patterns, and much more. For instance, Kubernetes allows containers to be accessed through DNS names or their unique IP addresses. When traffic to a container surges, Kubernetes efficiently balances and distributes network traffic to ensure the stability of your deployment.
  • Automated Deployments and Reversions
    With Kubernetes, you can define the intended configuration for your deployed containers and orchestrate the transition from the current state to the desired state in a controlled manner. For instance, you can automate Kubernetes to generate fresh containers for your deployment, retire existing ones, and seamlessly transfer all their assets to the new containers.
Storage Management

With Kubernetes, you can effortlessly connect various storage options, including local storage and public cloud services, through automated procedures.

Efficient Resource Allocation

When you supply Kubernetes with a cluster of nodes for running containerized tasks and specify each container's CPU and memory requirements, Kubernetes optimally allocates containers to nodes, maximizing resource utilization.

Automatic Recovery

In Kubernetes, containers that encounter issues are automatically restarted or replaced. Containers failing to respond to user-defined health checks are terminated, and they are not presented to clients until they are fully prepared to provide service.

Confidentiality and Configuration Control

Kubernetes offers a secure method for storing and handling sensitive data, including passwords, OAuth tokens, and SSH keys. You have the ability to deploy and modify secrets and application settings without the need to recreate your container images and without the risk of exposing these secrets within your stack configuration.


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